Fiber Cement Sheets

Kamdhenu Fiber Cement Sheets is a highly cost effective weatherproofing and maintenance free solution for faster and sustainable construction.

The Advantages

  • High cost effective weatherproofing
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No, rust rot or corrosion
  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Vapour permeability reduces condensation
  • Excellent noise and thermal insulation
  • Quick and easy to install and fix
Kamdhenu Roofing Sheets

Comparision With Other Roofing Sheets

S.No. Parameters PVC/Plastic Metal Metal Roofing Fiber Roofing Sheets
1. Resistance to natural weathering/corrosion Fair Poor Excellent
2. Thermal Insulation Fair Poor Excellent
3. Sound Insulation Fair Poor Excellent
4. Chemcal Resistance Poor Poor Excellent
5. Aesthetics Excellent Good Excellent
6. Combustibility / Fire Resistance Poor Poor Excellent
7. Vapour Permeability / Condensation Control Fair Poor Good
8. Safety on roof tops Good Excellent Good
9. Dimensional stability Poor Poor Good
10. Advanced evaluation parameters
Impact resistance